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The trick to finding the best painting company in the Fountain Hills area is to trust the KB Precision Painting name. We take this line of work seriously and pride ourselves on being dedicated to doing whatever it takes to meet and exceed your professional painting service needs.

Painting is a very important job for either your home or your commercial property. However, make it a point to only accept work from established pros who have secured their license and insurance, as well as a lengthy list of satisfied customers available as references.

There is a great deal more to a high-quality painting job than just slapping paint on the walls. Just like there is a lot more to selecting the best Fountain Hills painting company than just contacting the first company name that populates in your search engine.

When Interior Painting Also Means the Floors

Epoxy flooring that is, and it has become quite the popular option. While once mainly utilized only in garages, and mostly commercial ones at that, they are much more common now, and in a variety of applications.

You may be hiring a Fountain Hills painting company for this reason and so it is a good idea to know more about it and the benefits:

  • This makes the floors look amazing. Why settle for dull grey concrete when you could have a much more refined look. Even if you simply want a clear coat, it adds a shine that completely changes the look. Or, if you would like to go with colors, designs or even flecks of metallics, you have a huge variety of options.
  • Of course, one of the main reasons homeowners opt for this type of coating is to make it more durable. Sure, concrete is technically strong, but it is also susceptible to chips and cracks. This is not the case if you add an extra layer of protection and strength with epoxy.
  • For the same reasons, this helps ensure maximum longevity. Epoxy sealant is all about optimal performance and lifespan.
  • Concrete is porous and epoxy is non-porous. That means spills like oil or grease can soak into the porous surface causing stains. When it comes to harsher chemicals, that also means it can begin to breakdown and weaken the concrete. However, by adding this top layer that makes the surface non-porous, those spills can be cleaned away, avoiding stains and permanent damage.

The great news is that this is only a partial list of benefits. Make the wise choice and contact us today so that we can be your Fountain Hills painting company and provide you with epoxy flooring.

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