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Our Scottsdale Interior Painting Services

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Is it time to freshen up the inside of your Scottsdale home with interior painting? With KB Precision Painting we give you a lot of extras that other painting companies leave out.  We mask all fixtures, flooring, carpet, cabinets and windows. Our repair work during the preparation process includes caulking of baseboards, windows, nail holes and door frames. 

Are you in need of re-texturing or just interior painting that looks completely professional?  We can help you.  Hairline cracks and/or sheetrock damage is just another area we specialize in. 

After we have completely prepped your house, we will then apply a custom paint job to include our famous roll brush and spray.  Lastly, but most importantly we will provide a full cleanup and leave your house just like we found it, all part of how we have become the top local Scottsdale painting company.

Scottsdale Cabinet Refinishing Experts

We also take care of more than standard interior painting, we also offer cabinet refinishing. So why is this service a good idea?

  • Want to stretch your kitchen remodeling budget? Having your existing cabinets refinished is the perfect way to do so. New cabinets can consume as much as 40% of a renovation budget but refinishing what is already there is only a fraction of that cost.
  • Maybe your cabinets are the only thing that you need to be updated right now. As the focal point of the room, your cabinets should look their very best. We can help to make that happen. Freshen up the look of the room with a more cost-effective solution.
  • Working with existing materials that are still in good shape is also a more Eco-friendly approach to take. Otherwise, it means removing cabinetry that is usable and adding it to a landfill. The more environmentally responsible path to take is to use what is already in place and not contribute to letting it end up as trash.
  • The good news is that refinishing also saves you a great deal of time. Ordering new cabinets, writing for them to arrive and then having them professionally installed all takes a great deal more time than simply refinishing what is already in place. Plus, it is also less messy, less noisy and less intrusive.
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The bottom line is that we will be there for all of your interior painting service needs, so call us today. Let us show you, in person, how we have earned the impeccable reputation that we have.

You simply cannot have the home of your dreams without taking care of every last detail. The work we do with painting and cabinet refinishing is part of those finishing details.

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