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Frequently Asked Questions About House Painting

As a preferred local house painting in Scottsdale and surrounding areas, we take great pride in the work that we do. Yet what matters the most to us is being able to personally address the individual needs of our customers.

Sometimes, all that takes is being able to answer any questions that you may have. We have tried to include some commonly asked general ones here but if you need further assistance, please feel free to reach out to us.

Q. How do I select the right exterior color?

A. There is a lot more that goes into selecting your paint colors, aside from just what your favorite color is. Generally, you select three colors: field or main, trim and accent. Obviously, they should work cohesively together but must also pair well with details like the fixed colors - existing stonework, bricks, stained wood, etc. Plus, do not neglect to also take surroundings like your landscaping and even neighboring homes into consideration. Above all else, always make sure there are no HOA or community restrictions about the color choices that you make.

Q. Are light colors better than dark colors or is it the opposite?

A. Both light and dark colors have their pros and cons. For instance, lighter hues tend to make a smaller house seem larger and help keep the home cooler in warmer climates. Dark colors can have the opposite effect but can help your home retain the heat of the sun in cooler climates. Light colors also tend to weather better and last longer.

Q. Do I really need a professional to take care of the work for me?

A. While many a well-meaning homeowner sets out each year to DIY the task of painting their house, it is not advisable. For safety reasons alone, let a trained and experienced pro who has the right equipment to get the job done with ease, take care of it for you. Experts are also better equipped to take care of the preparation and repairs your exterior is likely to need, prior to paint application. Plus, above all else, you will be much happier with the quality of the completed work, as well as the time it takes in which to finish the job.

Q. How do you pick just the right house painter?

A. So you have to your senses about attempting to DIY the work, but now how will you choose just the right professional painter? For one thing, make it a point to only work with a company that has proper license and insurance in place. Look for someone who is local and established so you can get information about whether or not they are reputable. Make it a point to get references you can contact to get a better idea about their performance, and look at reviews for a pattern of either positive or negative results.

Q. How long will the job take?

A. As you probably realize, this all depends on a number of factors, including the size of the house, the time of year, the current weather and more. We will provide you with an estimate, and most jobs only take 1-2 days. If anything changes as we are working that could prolong that time frame, you will be the first to know.

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