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Epoxy flooring

At KB Precision Painting, we believe in providing superior results for our Scottsdale clients no matter what the job is, including epoxy flooring. As the premier choice for a local Scottsdale painting company, we like to make it a point to let locals know, we do more than just walls.

In other words, we may be the preferred local house painter but that doesn't mean we only do the walls. Think about epoxy flooring and how much this could benefit you and your home.

Although epoxy flooring is also popular in commercial applications, such as garages or showroom floors, this is perfect for the home as well. Improve the appearance as well as gain a number of other benefits, but opting for this type of flooring system.

Benefits of Epoxy Flooring for Your Scottsdale Home

So what are some of the reasons that you may want to get your concrete floors sealed and protected with an epoxy coating?

  • For one thing, they will look a lot better. Even just a clear sealant enhances the overall look, but you do have more decorative options that can make a world of difference. Why settle for dull or even unsightly floors when we can completely change that for you?
  • Concrete may be strong, but epoxy makes this material much more durable. Your surfaces will last longer and without showing signs of wear and tear. It makes the surface stronger, and that means you can focus on projects in the garage or other things around the house, aside from taking care of your floors.
  • Without a sealant, your concrete is porous but epoxy makes this non-porous. What does that mean? Porous surfaces soak up liquids that are spilled on them, leaving permanent stains and possibly being broken down, chemically. Once in a non-porous state, the surface cannot be permeated by liquids. So, your concrete is better protected and will not become stained.
  • This makes the surfaces much easier to care for and also clean. You can easily wipe down the surface, including mopping up spills without concern for stains.
  • Epoxy finishes also help brighten up the workspace. That improves working conditions and makes working conditions safer. This is just as important in a residential garage or workspace as it is for a commercial one.

We can tell you much more about the advantages of epoxy flooring, all you have to do is give us a call. We look forward to helping you better understand why you need this and then implementing it for you.

There is no reason to settle for standard concrete surfaces when this type of coating can be a complete game-changer. Let us take your flooring to the next level with epoxy.

If you are looking for a professional epoxy flooring company please call 602-714-7440, or complete our online consultation form.