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Paint Colors and Your Child's Room - What You Need to Know

Painting childrens room

As a Tempe homeowner, you have a lot on your plate to take care of. At least you can take comfort in the fact that some of it is at least enjoyable, such as helping your child put together their own room.

Or, maybe they are still at an age that you are the one responsible for making all the choices about this room. Either way, seeing the final result is rewarding - as long as you end up liking the outcome.

Let's face the fact that kids tend to think picking their favorite color is the way to make paint choices; some adults still use this same approach. While it is important to like the final colors chosen, that is not actually the main driving force behind proper color selection.

What Indoor Hue Will Work For You?

Understanding some basics to the psychology behind colors for interior painting will help you a great deal through this process. Of course, picking the right painting company in the first place will help because they should offer useful advice about colors and more:

  • First, learn more about the colors your child simply does not like. While you may not be able to fill the room with their favorite shade of highlighter yellow, you can avoid colors that may trigger a negative mood.
  • Red is a tricky color; it can stimulate and even increase appetite. However, it can also be linked to anger and enhance energy, so use it wisely. In order to avoid an overload, this can be a fun trim or accent color.
  • At the almost opposite end of the spectrum is blue, which can have a calming effect. Soft and subtle shades of blue are ideal for children with behavioral issues. Again, it is about the right shade of blue and balance. Too much blue could give your little one a case of the blues.
  • Pink is a great color because it is both bright and cheery while still having a more calming effect, similar to blue. It can be ideal for both boys and girls. The only drawback is that kids can tire of it quickly so it may be better in smaller doses.
  • For children who study in their bedroom, yellow may be able to boost both concentration and memory. However, all this brain stimulation may also result in difficulty sleeping. Use with caution and monitor for sleep issues and insomnia.

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