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Painting Tips for Selling Your Scottsdale Home

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Moving in to a new home is an exciting time in your life, yet selling your previous home has to happen first. The good news is that, with the right attitude, selling your old home can be just as much fun.

It is all about prepping it to make it desirable to potential buyers and getting you and your family ready for a new chapter in your lives. So, before saying good-bye to the place you and your loved ones called home for a while, get it ready for a proper send off by getting a professional exterior paint job.

Before hiring a local painting company and letting them have at it, you have to first think about your color choices. This is no longer about what is aesthetically pleasing to you, it is about what could help push the sale.

Pick the Perfect Paint Colors - Inside & Out

What colors can turn a prospective buyer into the new owner of your local area home? Here are some points to ponder from industry experts:

  • Always be thinking about the fact that complete strangers will be trying to envision their life here, that includes their furnishings. So while it is impossible to predict what colors may work best for them, at least try not to alienate them by picking obscure colors that only work with your interior design aesthetics.
  • No matter how lovely your home is, a worn looking exterior is going to be a hard sell. No to mention that it drives down the asking price. Did you know that a professional pressure washing alone can increase your asking price by as much as up to $15,000? These are small investments into a much bigger picture.
  • Keep in mind that the interior is also what makes the first impression. Even if your home is utter perfection inside, you can turn away a potential buyer with a shoddy or uninviting exterior. Plus, the color scheme should work cohesively with your landscaping and even the neighboring homes. For this reason, greige, the popular combination of grey and beige, is an ideal choice.
  • What color should the inside of your home be? What color is a blank canvas? This is exactly what your house should look like to shoppers. Anything that strays to close to colors that only match certain styles and suddenly all prospective buyers see is one big project.
  • On the other hand, select neutral tones with a bit of warmth. Go too white or too dark and it will come across as too sterile or utilitarian. Your potential buyers should already feel at home when they step inside.

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